Heather Jose

Among cancer thrivers nationwide, Heather Jose is an inspiration as a writer, speaker and columnist for Breast Cancer Wellness magazine. She’s a leading advocate of taking charge of your battle with cancer and enlisting all forms of assistance—including family and friends, nutrition and exercise, prayer and meditation and, of course, the best of medical care. Countless cancer thrivers have been helped by her book, Every Day We Are Killing Cancer, and have joined Heather Jose in posting their own copy of her Healing Agreement.

Join her in her journey as she goes beyond treatment.

Her Journey from Devastation To Thriving

Heather Jose is a caregiving professional herself: an occupational therapist. As a young mother in her 20s, a devastating diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer could have been the end of her life. Instead, she decided to fight the cancer head-on. In addition to the help she enlisted from many caregivers and doctors, she added her own physical and spiritual disciplines. Heather’s medical treatments included chemotherapy, a double stem cell transplant, surgery and radiation. Now, many years later, she is healthy and passionate about empowering patients to play an active role in their treatment—from major decisions to small daily actions and ways of thinking.

A Friend to Cancer Thrivers Everywhere

Heather Jose is in demand as a keynote speaker, expert on patient care and as the creator of Go Beyond Treatment Seminars. She teaches medical professionals and caregivers the best practices for interacting with patients and for improving their working relationships overall. With cancer patients and their families, Heather teaches how to create your own plan of attack to optimize treatment and incorporate lifestyle changes that can make a difference every day. She regularly talks with other media professionals and considers requests for print, radio and TV interviews. Contact Heather by emailing [email protected]

A Wife and Mother

Heather lives in Michigan with her husband, Larry, and two children, Sydney, born before the cancer, and Ty, adopted from India after the cancer. Her signature book, Every Day We Are Killing Cancer, is formatted as a series of letters she started writing to young daughter, who she nicknamed “Sydney Bs,” when it looked like she might not survive. Today, the whole family is thriving.

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