Rodger Murchison

The Rev. Dr. Rodger Murchison is a pastor and a scholar who has studied faith and grief at universities including Princeton and Oxford, where he occasionally returns to lecture about his own ongoing work in the field. Until his recent retirement, Dr. Murchison served for many years at a church in August, Georgia, where he conducted more than 500 funerals and organized workshops on grief, shaping the spiritual wisdom he shares in the pages of Guide for Grief: Help in surviving the stages of grief and bereavement after a loss.

A Book that Feels Like a Visit to a Wise Counselor

Throughout his ministry, Dr. Murchison sat with men, women and children dealing with grief in every setting you can envision—from living rooms and hospital rooms to funeral homes and church offices. Throughout his academic career, he tapped into the work of leading researchers and popular authors working on grief and loss. As you open his book to Chapter 1 What Happens When We Die? you can almost hear the warm, deep voice of Dr. Murchison reassuring you, providing insights into faith and psychology and leading you toward suggestions for taking your own next steps.

Talented at Public Speaking, Workshops & News Media

Dr. Murchison is a long-time professional at public speaking, organizing small groups and designing workshops on grief and loss. He has lectured around the world to conferences and educational events about his own findings on grief counseling. Since the release of his book, he also is in demand for media interviews in print, radio and TV formats. His rich baritone, personal stories and sage advice is perfect for audio and TV interviews. To inquire about Dr. Murchison, email us at [email protected]

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