Rodney’s Cancer Fighting Foods

Another look at cancer fighting foods: the unhealthy stuff.

If you’re battling cancer, you already know the power and importance of cancer fighting foods. Hospitals have entire armies of nutritional staff to make sure every patient is eating the foods that will benefit them most.

Many people make permanent changes to their diet after cancer. They lower their intake of saturated fats, or perhaps they choose a vegetarian lifestyle, picking up a new vegetable to love every month.

But some cancer-fighting foods are effective not because they are full of healthy anti-oxidants (though they may be) but because of the effect they have on the patient.

So what did Rodney eat?

Rodney Curtis ate what everyone else in his hospital ate: nutritious, hospital-prepared meals, usually served to him in bed, assuming he could stomach food that day. But Rodney also had a secret weapon, or perhaps several secret weapons:

cancer fighting foods


Pizza and Cappuccino Blasts.

Even his doctor understood the effect a sweet drink had on his morale. The doctor even admitted his own love for a good Cappuccino Blast, and said Rodney could “drink them with reckless abandon.”

Though pizza wasn’t on the daily menu, Rodney indulged once in a while, mostly with his family. And if you talk to folks who met him in the hospital, you’ll know that the cheerful man was so upbeat, he was confused for a healthy, cancer-free guy several times.

If you’ve had to good fortune to meet Rodney in person, you’ll know that the term “cancer survivor” hardly applies to him. Rodney Curtis is a cancer thriver.

Cravings are perfectly normal, and when Rodney was in the hospital, he craved pizza, Slurpees and normalcy. Giving in to cravings is natural and a vital part of keeping yourself upbeat and happy, which is essential if you’re working towards being a cancer thriver.


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