Table of Contents


Introduction: Righting the Ship

  1. Thank God It’s Friday
  2. Establishing Your Balance Points
  3. Discovering Your Strengths
  4. Scoping Out Your Goals
  5. The Coach’s Clipboard
  6. Have a Dream
  7. Commit to Your Dream
  8. Define Your Passion
  9. Honor Other People’s Dreams
  10. Learn People’s Stories
  11. Keep Rewriting Your Story
  12. Accept Your Leadership Role
  13. Develop Daily Practices and Family Rituals
  14. Think Before You Act
  15. Inspire, Don’t Intimidate
  16. Fill Those Buckets
  17. Recognize Your Blind Spots
  18. Know Your Emotional IQ
  19. Figure Out Where Your Role Begins—and Ends
  20. Look Out the Window and In the Mirror
  21. Foster a Learning Environment
  22. Know Your Limits
  23. Control Your Temper
  24. Practice Self-reflection
  25. Ask When Enough Is Enough
  26. Own Your Idiosyncrasies
  27. Follow the New Golden Rule
  28. Don’t Take People for Granted
  29. If You’re Stuck, Get Unstuck
  30. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
  31. Don’t Make It All About You
  32. Be Like Warren
  33. Cultivate Friendships
  34. Mix and Match Personalities
  35. Think Positive
  36. Communicate in a Crisis
  37. Get the Help You Need
  38. Forget Trying to Control People
  39. Don’t Act Just to Maximize Profits
  40. Don’t Skimp on the Feedback
  41. Apologize When You’re Wrong
  42. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask, “How Am I Doing?”
  43. Spread the Credit
  44. Play Hard
  45. Manage Your Energy as Well as Your Time
  46. Avoid Cutoffs
  47. Take Good Care of Yourself
  48. Be Disciplined
  49. Lighten Up
  50. Build Free Days Into Your Schedule
  51. Be Smarter Than Your Smartphone
  52. Do a Strategic Retreat With Your Family
  53. Plan a Weekly Date Night
  54. Learn to Walk Side by Side
  55. Send a Message
  56. Give Back
  57. Wake Up From Your Deep Sleep
  58. You Be the Coach


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