Conversations with My Old Dog

Do you Ever Talk to Your Dogs?

Author Rob Pasick confesses that he does…

Conversations with My Old Dog is a great book to:

  • Console a friend or family member who has lost a loved pet
  • Support someone who is facing the loss of a beloved pet
  • Gain insight into the spiritual connection between people and their pets
  • Celebrate your own relationship with the dog of your life
  • Give to your vet, caretaker, favorite kennel, etc.
  • Read to your children to encourage compassion, empathy and wisdom
  • Give as a gift to any dog lover (or to yourself)

Conversations with My Old Dog Reviews

“This book is long overdue! Rob Pasick’s reflections are refereshingly frank and simultaneously humorous as one confronts the dual crisis of personal decline and the finality of death. Rob’s converations with Lucy, faithful Yellow Lab and 13-year companion, reveal a lot more than chatter with a so-called “dumb friend.” There’s nothing “dumb” about this small, highly readable book that ought to rank right up there with ‘Tuesdays With Morrie.’ A must read!”

Bruce A. Sololove (on, 5 stars)

“Rob Pasick has written a delightful book! He shares moving and endearing insights that capture a wide range of emotions between a man and his dog.”

K. Dickinson (on, 5 stars)


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