Dog farewell poem

Keeping memories alive

“Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man without his Vices. This Praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery, if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute to the Memory of BOATSWAIN, a Dog.” —George Gordon, Lord Byron, Inscription on the Monument of a Newfoundland Dog

We put tombstones and memorials over human graves without question or second thought, but our four-legged family members rarely get the same recognition. Whether it’s a matter of social norm, family acceptance or prohibitive cost, sometimes a paper memorial is the best we can do.

Author and psychologist Rob Pasick couldn’t just let the memory of his Yellow Lab, Lucy, fade away. During her final year of life, as it became obvious she was failing, Rob began taking special note of how he felt when he was around her. He found that Lucy seemed to impart wisdom when he would slow down to her pace.

The book Conversations With My Old Dog is the result of Rob’s intentional awareness. Rob concludes that slowing down in old age is a wise thing to do. He concludes that enjoying the simple things in life—like sunshine, play and cookies—is vital to health and happiness. And that dogs probably do sit closer to God than man.

In the end, when Lucy died, Rob wrote her one last note, expecting that she had merely gone ahead to prepare the way for his father, who died two weeks later.

Rob’s touching and thoughtful prose is better than an individual tombstone very few people would see. Conversations With My Old Dog is a comfort for dog lovers everywhere, whether their pets are still vitally alive or alive only in memory.

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