Dog Poetry

Sometimes it doesn’t need to rhyme

“I see little souls wearing fur, souls who bark and souls who purr … ” —Carol Shubert-James

Anyone who has loved a dog has, on occasion, waxed poetic—whether he will admit it or not. There is something about a dog’s unquestioning affection, athleticism and/or adorableness that just needs to be captured in words.

In the case of Rob Pasick, it was his Yellow Labrador’s wisdom he needed to make note of. In the final year of her life, when he could no longer ignore her slowing pace and failing health, he began to recognize just how well she had lived her life; and how gracefully she accepted old age.

Conversations With My Old Dog is the collection of poems Rob Pasick wrote over the course of his dog’s 13th year. In these prose poems, he contemplates mortality: hers, his aging father’s and his own.

Conversations With My Old Dog is available through this web site and through

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