Death of a Dog

All Dogs Go To Heaven

“All dogs go to heaven because, unlike people, dogs are naturally good and loyal and kind.” —Whippet Angel, “All Dogs Go to Heaven”

Maybe you don’t believe in an afterlife for pets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t live on. Pets exist in our living memories for the rest of our lives. They bring peace, joy and comfort in their recollection, as they did in life. Stories of pets can be passed from generation to generation, outliving many times the natural length of their lives.

A hunting dog that would bring an inexperienced dog back from the field and park it on the porch; a stray mutt that was the living embodiement of a mother’s addendum to her daughter’s prayer for a puppy; the Momma Dachshund that would attempt to adopt and mother any newborn, whether puppy, kitten or human—these stories live on as long as we tell them, creating a heaven in our minds for pets no longer physically present.

Author and psychologist Rob Pasick has created a literary heaven for his Yellow Lab, Lucy, in Conversations With My Old Dog. More than a memorial for a pet, this slender book is a comfort to others who have also loved dogs. Pasick reflects on the both the mundane and unusual aspects of Lucy, and her relationship with her people during the final few months of her life.

Conversations With My Old Dog is a touching collection of short stories that will warm the hearts of dog lovers and ease the grief of those whose dogs have passed. It can be purchased from this web site or through

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