Aging Dogs

A Brief, Bright Life

“God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he’ll be there.” —Billy Graham

Photo by Clive Russo

Watching someone we love decline in old age is difficult. It breaks our hearts when we see parents, grandparents, dear aunts and uncles walk with faltering steps; eat with a decreased appetite; and think with dimming wits. It is no less painful when that loved one is an aging dog.

It is cruel that time can remove from us something so beloved and loving as our dogs. How do you brace yourself for the loss of that brief, bright life that lit up yours?

Author and psychologist Rob Pasick braced himself by making sure the time he spent with his half-blind and hard-of-hearing Yellow Labrador was focused on her. He focused on making memories of her and soaking in her gentleness while she was still around.

Conversations With My Old Dog is the book that came out of that experience. Each short chapter is a snapshot of Lucy and a lesson he gleaned from his time with her—from the way she loved any child she encountered to how any control he felt was an illusion, obedience being her choice.

Conversations With My Old Dog makes a lovely addition to any dog lover’s library. It is also a comforting gift for anyone who has recently lost a beloved dog. It can be purchased from this web site or from

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