Info on Aging Dogs

Our Furry Angels

“Be thou comforted, little dog. Thou too in Resurrection shall have a little golden tail.” —Martin Luther

Your dog has been your companion long enough that he can tell what you want him to do before you command it; you know what he wants before he barks. You’ve become an old couple—comfortable with each other, and able to spend hours together without demanding actions or activities.

But your friend is growing old. Information on aging dogs that you’ve gathered from friends and other resources indicate the waning eyesight, failing bladder control and painfully stiff joints will not improve with time.

Even with the best of care, such as the attention author and psychologist Rob Pasick lavished on his 13-year-old Yellow Lab, Lucy, aging happens. Lucy was blind in one eye due to glaucoma, had difficulty hearing, and her hips were failing. Yet Rob, his wife and his sons doted on this four-legged member of the family. In Conversations With My Old Dog, Rob documents the last few months of her life, when he became her “seeing eye man,” and helped her up steps with a firm but gentle hand. He observed her closely, taking note of her spirit and learning lessons on patience, acceptance and aging with grace.

Conversations With My Old Dog makes a lovely library addition for dog lovers of all stripes and a thoughtful gift for anyone who’s recently lost a dog of his own. Conversations With My Old Dog can be purchased from this web site or from

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