American Indian Arts

Stories, Poetry, Music and Artwork: Reflecting Our Ancestors

PEARL HARBOR (Nov. 18, 2010) Native American Dr. David Bevett performs a traditional inter-tribal dance during the Native American heritage observance at Lockwood Hall on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Mark Logico/Released)

The stories, poetry, music and artwork of Native people reflect the influence of their ancestors and are the expression of present perceptions.

In the last twenty years the Native influence in theater, music, story-telling and their art has risen to high demand around the world. American Indians have risen above the conditions deposited in their lives though five hundred years of occupation to once again occupy a high place visible to the world.

If you are on your own quest the topics listed below may help you in your journey. It is my hope to expand the opportunity for our connection through the references listed below. I pray your journey is fruitful and we will meet one day, have a fire and talk about these things.

Until then, we can meet in the pages of my book, Dancing My Dream, available through this web site and through


Free Native American Music – Hear two of my own original songs, one from each album I have released.


Native American Flute Scales


American Indian Authors


Native American Tribal Dancing


Native American Indian Northern Style Music

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