Free Native American Music Samples: The Sacred Worship of Song

Free Native American Music Samples

As I wrote in my book, Dancing My Dream, I often play the guitar and sing, making up lyrics as I go. Over time, members of several different audiences asked if I had an album.

Before beginning the recording session we prayed and “smudged” down the studio by burning sage to make the area sacred. The first album, Medicine for the Ages, was the result. My second album is called From the Land of the Crooked Tree.

Here is one song from each album. I pray you will be blessed.

Shadow Dancers from Medicine for the Ages by Warren Petoskey

Incense from From the Land of the Crooked Tree by Warren Petoskey

The CDs are $18 each and can be purchased by sending a check or money order to:

Jaystar Recording, 868 Parmeter Rd.
Gaylord, MI 49735
Attn: Jim Tobin.

You can purchase my book, Dancing My Dream, through this web site or through

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