Native American Flute Scales: By Eye or by Instinct

Native American Flute Scales

Native American Flute photo by Simon A. Fugster. CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia

Native American Flute Scales: The Native Flute Plays the Song of the Soul

The six-note Native Flute has been converted by talented musicians into a keyed instrument with written notes. I think it is good, but I learned the flute the old way, without necessarily practicing Native American flute scales.

Traditionally, when a flute was created, the measurements from the air chamber to the holes that produced the notes depended upon the size of the creator’s hand. There are resources and instruction on the internet to direct someone interested in making a Native Flute. I only want to share with you how I was taught knowing there are other opinions and respecting them all.

Soothing and calming Native Flute music is multi-purpose. A young man would use the flute during courtship, his expression of love expressed through the music that came from his heart. The flute is also a way of offering prayer and reaching out to the Creator. Finally, the flute was a night-time instrument making soulful sounds to lull the village asleep.

We had no written music and each song was often a new creation coming from the heart of the one using the flute. Today, you will hear Native Flute music incorporated into song with many other instruments of music. The songs are a wonderful mixture of expression and conveyance.

There are many great Native Flute players today. I have listened to most of them, but I know if I tried to list them all (there are that many) I would forget some names and that would be disrespectful. If one was interested in hearing Native Flute music there is a generous list of Native musicians on the internet under the subject. I can say with conviction that adding Native Flute music to your musical collection will bring a peaceful influence into your home.

I have written more about the influence and beauty of the Native Flute in my book, Dancing My Dream, available through the link on the left or through

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