American Indian Ceremonial Foods: Don’t Ask, Just Eat

American Indian Ceremonial Foods

American Indian Ceremonial Foods

Fresh fish is a traditional native food. Photo by Chad Magiera.

This subject is humorous to me. Ceremonial foods are not broadcast or published. Ceremonial foods are prepared in specific ways for specific purposes and those who know how to prepare these things keep it all secret. It is felt the benefit derived from the ceremonial food is lost when it is revealed how the food is made.

I was part of a sweat lodge ceremony in the foothills of the Rockies outside Longmont, Colorado. We were there processing issues of historical trauma. At the end of the lodge we were given a raw piece of meat that came from an animal organ. I will not tell you what it was because it is considered a sacred practice and a sacred product. It grossed out many of those participating in the sweat lodge, which would never have happened in the old days. People attending the sweat lodge would not have questioned what was being offered.

The importance of ceremony is one topic I write about in my book, Dancing My Dream, available through this web site or through

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