American Indian Policy: A Mountain of Papers

American Indian Policy

I have often wondered what amount of printed matter was created by the first president of the United States regarding Indian policy, as well as every suggestion sent to Congress since its first session in 1776. It has taken years of struggle to address all the residuals deposited in our lives as a result of federal and state government Indian policy. Many policy-makers were under the influence of false perceptions and distorted information which influenced their decisions. Ignorance may have been bliss for some, but for us it wasn’t and a lot of the social stigma generated is still being addressed.

It took many years of my life to recognize the source of our family’s deep pain and dysfunction, and several more to find healing from it all. You can read more of my journey to healing in Dancing My Dream, which can can be purchased through this web site and

Here are a couple of the organizations still influencing American Indian policy today:

Native American Rights Fund

Bureau of Indian Affairs

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