Native American Rights Fund

Indians Fighting for the Rights of Indian Country

The Native American Rights Fund was created and continues through donations and grants, so any issue their staff undertakes has to be regarding a critical issue in Indian Country.

According to NARF web site, since the 1960’s, the organization has been busy:

  • Protecting and establishing the inherent sovereignty of tribes
  • Obtaining official tribal recognition for numerous Indian tribes
  • Helping tribes continue their ancient traditions, by protecting their rights to hunt, fish and use the water on their lands
  • Helping to uphold Native American religious freedom
  • Assuring the return of remains and burial goods from museums and historical societies for proper and dignified re-burial
  • Protecting voting rights of Native Americans

Dancing My Dreams, the autobiography of Warren Petoskey, demonstrates how damaging violation of those rights has been to his people, and how he has overcome that damage. You can purchase Dancing My Dream  through this web site or through

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