Funding our restoration through federal government grants: Native American Indians

Federal Government Grants Native American Indian

Jonette Reyes, vice chairperson, and Larry Burtness, planner/grant writer for the Hoh Tribe, discuss tribal culture and history with Robert Flood, State Tribal (left); Max Rice, FEMA Tribal, and Lois Lopez, FEMA Mitigation (right). FEMA and state representatives were there to discuss mitigation issues and the National Flood Insurance Program as they relate to the Hoh Indian Reservation. Marvin Nauman/FEMA photo Jan. 18, 2007

Federal Government Grants: Native American Indians

We have benefited from federal grant money over the years.

The first place to look for any federal grant money is Currently most grants available are for projects to improve technological access or repair environmental issues. A wide variety of funding sources are listed, from the Department of Natural Resources to the Bureau of Land Management.

Additionally, many tribal governments have grant writers on staff who can advise you on your proposed project and potential grant funding.

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