A “Women of the Bible” study

A "Women of the Bible" study

How Bella Swan is like Ruth—and what she could learn from Sarah

It was a big deal that Bella Swan would pack up and move from Phoenix to Forks. She obsesses about it and it is the topic of the first conversation she has with Edward—but she’s not the first one to move for reasons that seem baffling. In fact, a young woman named Ruth did it several millennia did it first.

The correlation between Bella and Ruth is just one conversation starter in the book Glitter in the Sun. Throughout the Twilight Saga runs the theme of eternal love, such as that offered by the Eternal God. Glitter in the Sun: A Bible Study Searching for Truth in the Twilight Saga is a non-threatening introduction to the God of the Bible through one of the most well known cultural phenomenon in recent history.

A “Women of the Bible” study

Glitter in the Sun examines another woman of the Bible, Sarah, Abraham’s wife. Her famous beauty was a result of her inner spiritual life—something Bella seems to lack as she has no peace outside of her relationship with Edward.

Glitter in the Sun: A Bible Study Searching for Truth in the Twilight Saga is ideal for either a personal devotional or as a small group study guide. Each of the 16 chapters opens with a Twilight Saga illustration of a theme that is explored in depth in the chapter. Each chapter also features a follow-up Bible study question and answer section to further deepen your understanding of God and the Bible. It can be purchased from this web site or from Amazon.com.

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