Gifts for cancer patients

What are appropriate gifts for cancer patients?

Almost anything you could want to give your loved one to show you care falls under the umbrella of appropriate gifts for cancer patients. Stuffed animals, religious symbols and silly presents all work equally well. In fact, stuffed animals can become treasured companions during particularly tough times.

A symbolic gift is a great way to show your support and provides your cancer thriver with something to focus on and think about. For example, Suzy Farbman received a pair of bright red boxing gloves to symbolize her fight.

Be cautious when gifting food, as your friend may have undertaken very big changes to their diet, both to fight cancer and to stay healthy during the treatment. If you’re someone that is known for their cooking ability, never fear! Consider gifting your culinary skills to the family directly by offering to cook for the family, or by packaging up a home-made dinner for the patient’s family. Cancer complicates everything, and many families end up ordering food more often than they would like. Show them you care with a meal of your own.

Where do I find gifts for cancer patients?

Most local stores will have what you’re looking for, and craft stores will be able to supply with anything you need if you intend to make your gifts at home. You could even order online from Amazon and have the gift shipped directly to your friend, if they live far away.

If you order online, be aware that the gift will still come in an Amazon box, so if you want to personalize your package, you’ll have to order it for yourself, re-package it and ship it again. The extra effort will be worth it when your loved one realizes how much you care.

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