grief process

The Grief Process

A Time to Mourn by Sarah Pollock Searle

a Gourmet Meal not Fast Food

Most specialists are extremely hesitant to place a timeline of the grief process. Grief is very personal and every grief situation is different. If the circumstances related to the death are complex, for example the loss of two loved ones in a short period of time, the timeline for grief will be longer.

It is important not to rush the grief process. In Rodger Murchison’s book Guide for Grief, he introduces the “McGrief Syndrome,” a malady in which we rush through the five-step grief process (denial, anger, bargaining, guilt/anger, acceptance) as we would a fast-food window.

Good grief takes time and as we appropriately grieve we may discover that grief is not an enemy; it may in fact be a teacher.

Naturally, no one wants to invite grief into their lives. But most all of us grieve over something; death, job, health, relationship, infertility, infidelity, divorce and the list goes on and on.

So, how long will grief hurt? Through the pages of Guide for Grief readers will discover there is a time for every season.


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