Bible quotes about life

Finding meaning in the Bible: Bible quotes about life

A true scholar could tell you that almost every quote in the Bible — the entire thing, to be honest — is one big Bible quote about life.

Others, on their Lenten journey, want just a few passages to think on. Lets start with a biggie:

As they left Jericho, a crowd followed. At the side of the road sat two blind men. When they realized that Jesus was passing by, they cried out, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, son of David!”

The crowd rebuked them and sternly ordered them to be quiet. Instead, the blind men cried all the louder.

Jesus stood still. Then, he called to the men, asking, “What will you have me do for you?”

They said, “Lord, open our eyes.”

Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes.

And immediately they received sight–and followed him.

— Matthew 20:29 – 34

What is the lesson taught here? There are several, and the most obvious is the classic turn-to-Jesus parable. The blind men put their faith in him and they are granted both physical and spiritual sight.

But what else can we learn? Notice the role of the crowd in the story. The crowd orders them to shush, but they do not — they actually begin to call for Jesus all the louder. The blind men┬ápersevere┬ádespite their obstacle.

There’s one more lesson in this Bible quote about life. Notice how Jesus initially ignores the blind men. He was on a mission. Yet, when the blind men attempt to get his attention a second time, he pauses.

Can you imagine the scene? A great crowd following Jesus Christ as he leaves Jericho, and suddenly, he pauses.

“He was moved by compassion,” writes David Crumm, “And soon, others were moving with him.”

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