What is the meaning of Lent?

Is there just one meaning of Lent?

Is Lent a personal journey or a communal one? Does it go deeper than merely giving up your favorite vice for the Lenten season? What is the meaning of Lent?

The traditions of Lent are centuries old, and they stretch back to the beginnings of faith. Lent is the perfect modern spiritual holiday for some, as it remains largely unbothered by the avalanche of commercialism that has engulfed the Christmas season.

So which is it: personal or communal?

Like faith and spirituality, the journey of Lent is a personal one. A properly-prepared for Lent has life-changing capabilities. However, even the most devout and personal believer will find love, support and community in their church, and similarly so with Lent. Thousands of churches around the world distribute books and material for your Lenten journey.

Many people choose to fast in preparation for Lent. To truly experience Lent in full, consider thinking on the trials and journey of Jesus, and compare the things he carried with him to the things you carry with you on your life.

In Our Lent, you will reflect on some of the most common items you could imagine: coins, bowls, bread, and even swords.

Though today we see fewer swords in our day to day life, some things like coins and the ever-nourishing bread have not lost their importance. In fact, it may be more important than ever to reflect on the way we treat ourselves in two very important spheres of life: finance and food.

Join David Crumm as he leads you through 40 chapters of 40 days of Our Lent and meditate on the teachings of Lent as you never have before.

One of the important questions of Lent is simple: what did you carry with you when you left home? In thinking on this both material and spiritual question, you can begin to get at the meaning of Lent.

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