Spiritual Wanderer: Dog behaviorist?

What is a dog behaviorist, anyway?

A dog behaviorist is a specialist in dog behaviors, with a degree in behavioral science and often hands-on experience or a background in veterinary science.

Rodney Curtis would be the first to tell you that while the Spiritual Wanderer is many things, he is not a certified animal behaviors expert, and though he’s had a few weird dog experiences, his professional expertise lies in photography.

dog behaviorist

So what could qualify him for the position of dog behaviorist?

Owning an oddball dog is an adventure in itself, and for Rodney, the real surprises come out during his dog’s walks, specifically when he’s scooping up dog poop.

You see, Rodney’s dog is the kind that prefers nativity calendars to dog food, and by Rodney’s account, his dog has eaten and then forced Rodney to clean up …

  • Bar code stickers.
  • The Star of David
  • A camel (toy)
  • Two wise men figurines
  • A five dollar bill

… and much, much more.

This isn’t counting the destruction his first dog caused every time he was left alone in the house.

In the Spiritual Wanderer’s words, “He would start trashing the place like a ’70s rock star on acid.”

Maybe the Spiritual Wanderer is a ‘Human Behaviorist’

Even if Rodney Curtis doesn’t meet all of the qualifications for dog behaviorist (such as the degree), his experiences in photojournalism have strengthened an already keen power of observation, which may explain why Spiritual Wanderer feels so familiar.

Spiritual Wanderer echoes sentiments deep within people, and fertilized by the accurate retelling Rodney Curtis provides, it has the potential of bringing people closer, if only because every reader will recognize the behaviors seen in daily life.

But approaching these same behaviors from a Wanderer’s perspective will give you pause for thought and perhaps a few insights to your own wanderings.

Check out a sample chapter of Spiritual Wanderer.

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