What are some memoir examples?

I’m looking for some memoir examples, is this one?

Memoirs come in a variety of sizes and forms. Audio memoirs, teen memoirs, long auto-biographies stemming from birth to twilight, and among all of these lies Spiritual Wanderer,  one of many memoir examples, but set apart by the way Rodney Curtis writes about his spiritual journey.

Instead of church details and stories of faith (though several lovely chapters do encompass those themes) Rodney Curtis tells of his wanderings through tales of childhood, overseas travel and a healthy dose of humor.

The chapters — even a rather odd and silly one about his dog — bring the Spiritual Wanderer to life in your head, and instead of a book, you’re actually listening to a storyteller.

memoir examples

While tackling the last niggly bits of proof reading his book, Spiritual Wanderer, Rodney Curtis finds the tub a comfortable respite from the warm, soft blanket-covered bed he’s used to editing in.

How is Spiritual Wanderer a spiritual memoir?

Rodney Curtis doesn’t beat you over the head with spiritual connections and realizations, even though sometimes his epiphanies may have felt very in-your-face. Instead, the further you read, the more you may stop to pause and think yourself, and with the Wanderer’s guiding words you will not only draw your own spiritual conclusions, but come to realize how the Wanderer’s life experiences shaped his spiritual beliefs — and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find stories of everything from traveling abroad to the Soviet Union and Italy to a brief history of the Tigers and Rodney’s own experiences with growing up, even if it concerns girls, learning to cry and an aluminum baseball bat.

Best of all, Rodney Curtis assures us that everything in this book is real — everything except one tiny little detail, which you’ll have to find out for yourself. Rest assured, the Spiritual Wanderer is not afraid to own up to his embellishments, so the exaggeration in question is both easily identifiable and harmless.

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