No coincidence, but no problem either.

No lie and no coincidence either: the blinking streetlights.

How many of you have witnessed the “blinking streetlights” phenomenon and thought to yourself, “This is no coincidence”?

You’re not alone. The Spiritual Wanderer himself has experienced it.

“I drive around at night, any given night, and usually I’ll pass under a streetlight just as it blinks on or off,” he writes, “This happens so often that I’m convinced it’s not random.”

Have you walked down a street, only to have each streetlight blink off as you step underneath it?

no coincidence

No coincidence.

The Spiritual Wanderer decided to test the coincidences in his life, and he bought a  notebook and a very nice pen to start writing down the coincidences that occurred in his life — and not just the streetlights.

He dubbed the notebook the Connection Collection. So what happened?

Lo and behold, the book was filled to bursting in 6 months, and the Wanderer wasn’t even being that diligent.  Not to mention, he has a strict rule on noting only meaningful and obvious coincidences, even if he doesn’t quite know what they mean.

For more on coincidences: When God Winks.

How do I recognize meaningful coincidences in my own life?

Rodney Curtis sharpened his powers of observation (also known as “sit back and listen”) through photojournalism. Focus on your own ability to stand back and watch. Notice the details, as if you’re trying to take a picture with your mind.

Take a walk more often than taking the car — unless you plan to drive under some streetlights — and maybe take out your headphones once in a while. Leave the iPod at home and put your phone on silent, not vibrate.

Check out a sample chapter of Spiritual Wanderer.

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