Anti-bullying Slogans

What makes an effective anti-bullying slogan?

The trick to solving a bullying problem in a school is getting the students involved. Fighting against bullying needs to be seen as normal behavior, according to anti-bullying activist Kevin Epling. Often, the first step to getting students interested is an anti-bullying slogan that is easy to remember and serves as a call to action.

For example, the “Power of 100” slogan of Swartz Creek High School, in Swartz Creek, Mich., is short, easy to remember, and emphasizes the fact that everyone has to work together to stop bullying.

Cartoon Network aired a Speak Up special about bullying, encouraging  kids to work together and stand up for each other.

“Stop Bullying, Speak Up,” the network said. At the end of every anti-bullying commercial, it encouraged kids to say something if they see something wrong.

The famous “It Gets Better” campaign uses its own name for its slogan, and the effectiveness has been seen world-wide as “It Gets Better” has shown up on websites, posters and t-shirts.

Keep an anti-bullying slogan short and meaningful. If you’re having trouble coming up with one for your school or community, get some interested students together. They may have already given the idea some thought, and if not, a group of motivated students never fails to get things done.

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