Table of Contents

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I. Birth
1. And on the Eighth Day You Shall…
2. Oh, but She’s Perfect!
3. Cutting the Cord
II. Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur
4. Beginning the New Year at Sea
5. “Quick! Beneath the Tallis!”
6. Never Too Late
7. So, Who Is a Jew?
8. By God’s Design
III. Shabbat
9. Making Ten
10. Of All Things, a Piano?
11. God? In a Parking Lot?
12. Shalom Aleichem
13. On the Doorposts of Your House and on Your Gates
14. “And with Her the Angels of Peace and of Rest”
15. Should War Beset Me, Still Would I Be Confident
16. Transition
IV. Sukkot and Simchat Torah
17. The Time of Our Joy
18. It Is a Tree of Life
19. We Are Your Ancestors; You Are Our Children
V. Mitzvot
20. If the Mitzvah Fits
21. Chosen Schmosen
22. Addiction’s Gift
23. Hugs from Home
VI. Chanukah
24. Protestant B, Not
VII. Tu B’Shevat
25. A Tree Grows in the Vatican
VIII. Bar and Bat Mitzvah
26. Standing up to the Fires of Hate
27. Survival on the Back Forty
28. Out of Crisis
29. From Generation to Generation
30. Beyond Music
31. Bat Mitzvah Symphony
32. And Miriam Led the Women
IX. Purim
33. Making the World Safe for Pastry
X. Passover
34. Out of Bondage
XI. Marriage and Divorce
35. The 18th Ketubah
36. Two Weddings and a Chuppah
37. My Beloved Is Mine and I Am His
38. Living Waters
XII. Yom HaShoah and Yom HaAtzma’ut
39. Ring of Fire
40. “I Kiss the Imprints of Your Fingers”
41. Standing at Attention
42. A Cohen by Any Other Name
43. Getting Fit
44. Building a Relationship Stone by Stone
45. Mother Tongue
XIII. Shavuot
46. Will the Real Anti-Semites Please Stand Up?
47. Single, and Together at Last
48. My Nana Is Jewish
49. A Child Chooses Jewish Life
50. I Belong Here
XIV. Tishah B’Av
51. On the Knife-Edge of History
XV. Death
52. How Goodly Are Thy Tents, O Jacob!
53. Beyond Time and Death
54. She Is Pure
Notes on Interviewees
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