Have you seen a Godsign? Let me show you some of mine …

Heather Jose

WHAT IS A GODSIGN? Author Suzy Farbman coined the term in her new memoir, Godsigns. She’s describing small moments that lift our spirits and reassure us of goodness and hope. We know that they are all around us. We also know that different things speak to each of us.

Here at www.WeAreCaregivers.com, we want to share the things that lift you up—to help all of our readers. Will you join us? When you spot a Godsign in your life, snap a photo and upload it. In the box provided on the left side of this page:
1.) Have your photo ready on your computer, then use the “Browse” button (on the left side of this page) to select your photo.
2.) Then, use the box labeled “Type your photo description here” to add a caption or even a whole paragraph about your photo.
3.) End your text, if you’d like, with your name or a nickname. I put my name on my new Godsigns photos.
4.) Click the “Upload” button. If all goes well, you should see a response confirming your actions.
5.) Note: You won’t see your photo immediately appear in the gallery. Every couple of days, our editors choose new photos to show to the world. Check back in a day or so. We thank you, in advance, for sharing your photos!

Right now, take a moment to look at the Godsigns Photo Gallery. Our editors moderate the Godsigns Photo Gallery and select uploaded photos that are likely to inspire our readers. Currently, there are about a dozen photos in the gallery—including two new ones that I have added today. There are two ways to view this gallery, so read the little note that says “How to Enjoy The Photos.”


Will you help us get the gallery going? And check back with us soon? We regularly post some of these new photos at WeAreCaregivers.com. Those uplifting little Godsigns helped you—now let them help others.