Summer is perfect for spotting unforgettable Sunset Moments

Heather Jose photo.

Heather Jose

Sunset Moments.
Each one unique.
You either stop and immerse yourself in the moment—or you miss it forever.

Regular readers of this column know that this is one of my personal passions: Whatever else you think matters in your stressed-out life, you must take time for Sunset Moments. Today, I’m so pleased to see that my colleague—columnist and author Rodney Curtis—is celebrating the same spiritual lesson with his family. And his camera! (Rodney’s a terrific photographer, so please check out his gallery of Sunset Moments.)

The truth is: If we’ve got eyes and we are willing to free up the time—anyone can experience these dazzling Technicolor scenes. Let me tell you the story behind my own photo of a Sunset Moment (accompanying this column, below).


Heather Jose sunset moment in northern MichiganOne of my favorite things about living in Michigan is the length of warm summer days, when we are able to enjoy this state’s countless rivers and lakes.

The sun seems to take forever to set. It feels as though the extended light adds extra time to my life. More often than not, I use that extra time to enjoy the things that often get pushed aside throughout the rest of the year.

What do you like to do in these extra hours?
What’s on your list of summer favorites?

My list starts like this:
Fishing with my husband
Getting ice cream with my family
Walking with a friend
Sipping a drink on the deck

Some nights, these pleasures only take minutes, but I love it when these experiences stretch from minutes into hours. It is during this time that we wander away from the regular conversation of life and find ourselves dreaming and opening up.

When I was sick for so long, it was these moments in life that I longed to experience far into the future. While I hoped to be a part of life’s momentous occasions in the years ahead—it was these little things that I realized mattered even more.

It was a life lesson that I am glad I learned early in life.

Time is fleeting, as we all know, and as much as we may want things to stay the same, they never do. But Sunset Moments keep coming, if we stop and look for them. I hope you enjoy an amazing sunset this week and that it reminds you of the opportunity to make the most of each day.

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Debra says

    I do love our Michigan summers where the light lingers and lingers. What a beautiful show for us each evening
    as the sun begins to set, spilling across the heavens such beauty. Thanks for a wonderful column, Heather.