Godsigns Photos

What is a Godsign? Author Suzy Farbman coined the term in her new memoir, Godsigns. She’s describing small moments that lift our spirits and reassure us of goodness and hope. Spot a Godsign in your life? Snap a photo and upload it (at left). In the box provided, type a line or two describing your snapshot. End your description with your name, if you’d like. Then, check back with us soon. We regularly post some of these new photos at WeAreCaregivers.com. Those uplifting little Godsigns helped you—now let them help others.

HOW TO ENJOY THE PHOTOS: The “Slideshow” link shows all the photos without the descriptive texts. But, if you click on an individual thumbnail in this gallery—you can view and read about each image at your own pace.

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