Help for Those Who Care: An inspiring 2-minute video and news about 1,600 new senior volunteers

Weekly News, May 3, 2021

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Enjoy Our New Video Preview

NOW WHAT? A Guide to the Gifts and Challenges of Aging is our new resource-packed book for families, caregivers and anyone concerned about aging in America. Thanks to video producer Susan Stitt, we now have a 2-minute preview clip (which you can see above) to help convince friends across your community and congregation to discuss this book’s many inspiring challenges. We have heard, now, of small groups forming nationwide from Michigan to Alabama to Oregon to Washington D.C.—men and women starting with the ideas in this book to spark fresh efforts to support caregiving. This new 2-minute video is a great way to invite friends to join you in such an effort. You also can visit our YouTube channel directly to find other easy-sharing options for this video so you can send the news via social media or email. Want even more video resources? In addition to the new, short video, you also may want to view—and share with friends—our more in-depth 48-minute launch video. That longer video introduces some of the book’s authors and provides much more information about this nationwide project.

Our Professionals Are Reaching Out

THE GREATEST STRENGTH of this new book—and efforts to reach people nationwide with these resources—is the network of professionals who contributed chapters and now are sending us news in an ongoing way. Lisa Brown wrote our chapter about the importance of taking part in community service as we age. This week, Lisa sent us this news story about AmeriCorps, the federal agency for volunteering and service, making $10 million in grants to expand Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion programs to communities in 16 states and Puerto Rico. Please, take a look at this news story—and the list of specific grants on a second page. Could this news spark fresh ideas in your community? Plan ahead for ways your organization might be featured on such a list of grants in future years.

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