Stressed at the holidays? Seize Sunset Moments!

Heather Jose photo.

Heather Jose

MY HOLIDAY CARD to caregivers lacks the snows or sleighs or Santas that grace so many Christmas cards. Instead, I’m sending you a bright image of sunset along “our” Florida beach. Earlier, I wrote about this beach and the tough choices we face when family traditions must change.

As we all head through these days leading to a New Year, remember: While holidays are stressful, I don’t think that’s the intent of a holiday. Like you, I’ve got a long To Do list, while trying to keep smiling at my children—who are driving us crazy from being off schedule. Then, there are the older folks who we work so hard to bring to gatherings—only to discover that they are ready to go home. Know these feelings?

Let’s refocus on the best images in these fleeting days. Click on the “View Entire Gallery” in our Godsigns photo gallery (at left on this webpage). If you click on an individual photo in the gallery, you can read the captions at your own pace, including a couple of my photos. (Now, that gallery is in a small, pilot phase. In 2013, it will grow significantly. Right now, you can add your own photo via the “Upload Your Own Godsign” box at left.)

And now, from my family to yours …

Sunset Moments

Every year, I am reminded that life is a series of opportunities that I must seize when presented—not pushed off until I think I can find a better time. I call these sunset moments.

The reminder comes when my family vacations during the year-end holidays along the Gulf of Mexico. Every evening as the sun begins to set, we gather to watch the beautiful display of color over the ocean. It is impromptu, and spectacular on a clear night. Drinks in hand we toast the beauty and reflect on life for a few minutes.

It always happens, though, that someone is missing. Too busy running an errand or showering before a night out to enjoy the splendor. I’ve done it myself. Thinking that I’ll go out tomorrow instead.

What I’ve learned is that we can’t recreate that sunset. Invariably the next one is covered with clouds or undetectable because of rain. The splendor is gone.

Life is full of sunset moments. Chances to take a minute or two to enjoy the life that is ours. To laugh, to reflect, to be fully present—that is a one-time chance.

May you choose to fill your life with sunset moments.

Heather Jose, a 10-year survivor of stage IV breast cancer, wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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