Howard Brown’s New Year’s Resolution: Kicking cancer is a team sport, so let’s all get involved.



IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER, kicking cancer ‘Is in the bag!’

Author of Shining Brightly

As New Year’s Day approaches, my resolution is to redouble my efforts to spread the message: Cancer is a team sport—so let’s all get involved!

That’s a major theme of my memoir Shining Brightly, and I’ve been sharing that message at conferences, through podcasts and in weekly columns we’ve published nationwide.

I’m not alone in spreading this life-saving message. Recent reports are confirming that the COVID pandemic has led far too many Americans to skip routine cancer screening. For example, we all were surprised when Katie Couric—co-founder of Stand Up to Cancerannounced in an online post that she had skipped a routine mammogram with potentially dire results. When she finally had her overdue scan, doctors found cancer—which was treated right away.

Each week brings new headlines. Right now, we’re all praying for a successful outcome for the National Cancer Institute’s Monica M. Bertagnolli after her diagnosis with breast cancer.

The evidence is overwhelming that screening helps. Just one example: TIME recently reported on the critical link between screening and successful outcomes for lung cancer.

In 2023, resolve to ‘Be the Match’

Beyond screening, we need more people nationwide to volunteer as potential bone marrow donors. One way is to check out Be the Match. As you can see from the “bag” at the top of this column, a bone marrow transplant from my twin sister saved my life in 1990.

And, consider giving to The Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund

TODAY, I’m also starting a donor page for the Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund.

Here’s the donor page if you’d like to help this effort, started in 1948, which has saved “countless lives and reduced the burden of cancer for patients and families worldwide.”

Why am I so thankful to Dana-Farber?

The Dana-Farber team saved my life the first time I faced death from very aggressive stage IV cancer.

To read that dramatic story, visit the Dana-Farber website to read Early Stem Cell Transplant Recipient Says Success Was ‘In the Bag’

I’m honored that Dana-Farber is using my story in this way to prompt others to jump into the struggle with cancer that inevitably will affect someone you love, perhaps yourself, in 2023.

Since that Dana-Farber story was posted earlier this month, it has been shared far and wide across social media by countless individuals and groups. I was thankful to find that my alma mater, Babson College, shared the story across its social media.

Please: Make kicking cancer one of your own 2023 New Year’s Resolutions.




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A Free Resource Guide

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