Howard Brown’s second book is a chorus of 365 inspiring voices

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The message of Howard Brown’s memoir, Shining Brightly, comes across loud and clear in his contribution to a new global collection of 365 voices of hope and resiliency: The Art of Connection.

Howard was invited to contribute one of the year-long day-by-day readings for this volume, which debuted on Amazon this month.

In his contribution, Howard starts with advice that’s already well-known to readers of Shining Brightly:

We all get knocked down in work, family, and in life. The question for all of us is, “How do you get back up again?” As a stage IV cancer survivor, I have been knocked down to my core; emotionally, physically, financially, and in relationships. I have learned and now teach that cancer and life are team sports. You cannot and should not go it alone. Accept help from friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers.

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This is a perfect moment to become one of Howard’s growing global community of friends by ordering your copy of his book.

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