Love the sun? Help us make a spring list!

Apple tree blossoms in the spring sunlight

In the spring sunshine, trees finally are budding!

LIGHTbright light—poured in my window this morning!

I haven’t seen much of it in the last few months, but I remember it well. Sunshine! Thank God for sunshine!

With the sun and warmer temperatures comes a list of things that need to be done to help my house and yard transition over to my favorite time of the year: summer. I know that I am not the only one that has a list.

Last fall we asked for your help to provide some tips and topics for caregivers to get through the holidays and winter months. This week we are asking again: What is on your to do list this spring? How do you enlist help for tasks? What are the challenges that you are facing? What has been helpful for you in earlier spring and summer seasons?

We’ll share more spring and summer tips—with a particular focus on caregivers—in coming weeks. Please help …

Leave your comments below and we will compile them soon.

And, maybe by then the snow will have melted out of my yard!

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  1. Benjamin Pratt says

    I always feel planting a garden is a sign of hope for a better day. Since I haven’t been doing well lately I have missed playing in the dirt. I had to hire help for the large spring cleanup, but I pushed myself to limp into the garden and plant a few lettuce seeds. It gives me hope.

  2. Valerie Enos says

    I love seeing new growth, anything green growing. I couldn’t wait to plant outside or in a container so I just took the stub end of celery and put it in a see thru glass bowl. within 3 days or less I see fresh green growth. The new life makes me feel like I have a million dollars in that little bowl. Have joy in small things!

  3. Valerie Enos says

    This year I want to do better with my small garden. I need help bringing new soil into it. The bags are too heavy and it is costly to buy new soil. Perhaps I can get someone to help or maybe just move to another community garden place where other gardeners are willing to help or barter for help with heavy work. I love just growing green beans, zucchini, yellow summer squash,beet greens, chards and spinach. Cabbage, green and red, sunflowers, Zinneas, gladeolas,marigolds and poppies!