‘Shining Brightly’—Let’s get out there, join with friends and make our world a little greener!

Babson College alumni and friends from Michigan gathered for a Day of Service in Detroit, planting trees through the Greening of Detroit nonprofit.


Making memories every day!

I live every day as an affirmation of my own resilience—something I take very seriously after two near-fatal bouts with cancer—and as an opportunity to give back gratefully to my community and our larger world.

There are lots and lots of ways you can do this from simply mowing the lawn of a neighbor who’s having trouble getting around—to organizing larger efforts with friends.

Recently, I coordinated a special tree-planting day in Detroit for some Michigan members of the Babson College alumni association. Every year, we commit ourselves to at least one Day of Service. This time, we wanted to honor Ellen S. Solomita, a 1989 Babson graduate and long-time friend who died last year. We all knew she would love to know that trees were planted as part of her legacy.

In doing so, I drew on at least 4 of the “Keys to Resilience When Confronting Cancer,” a part of the discussion guide to my memoir Shining Brightly:

  • Do not isolate yourself. We all need the help of others.
  • Keep moving, stay active and exercise.
  • Volunteer / mentor (Lifting-up others will lift yourself as well!).
  • Keep making memories with family and friends.

Want to see what we did?

Enjoy this mini-gallery of images.

Karen Dietz, class of ’09, brought her 2-year-old son NJ, who we are sure will one day help to lead the class of ’38.

Acheampong “Nicholas” Johnson, MBA ’22, showed us all how to swing an old-fashioned adze.

Here we are getting one of the trees ready to plant. My long-time friend Alan Bakst, who you’ll read about in my book, is to my right.

This kind of community service FEELS SO GOOD!!!


Want to see my entire list of “Keys to Resiliency When Confronting Cancer?” 

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What can these three lists inspire in our lives?

You’ll find lots of ideas you can use!

Here’s one example from Detroit, where friends gathered to plant trees in honor of a friend.





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