Zohaib Begg: ‘A lot of people could learn from that 8 year old in finding solutions.’

WASHINGTON DC—Describing Zohaib Begg’s service to needy neighbors in Washington D.C. as “compassion from an unexpected source,” CBS News broadcast this 90-second story that inspired families nationwide.

At another point in the report, we hear, “A lot of people could learn from that 8 year old in finding solutions.”

We are streaming this video in our We Are Caregivers section to remind everyone that caregiving has no age limit.

As the CBS correspondent reports: “In the shadow of a symbol of American accomplishment sits a park lined with tents that most in the nation’s capitol ignore—but not 8-year-old Zohaib Begg. The Virginia third grader is handing out donated meals and care packages of socks, masks and toiletries.”

And this is not the first time the nation has heard of Zohaib’s selfless work on community caregiving.

Zhoaib is the grandson of our author Victor Begg. You can learn much more about Zohaib’s family by reading Victor’s book, Our Muslim Neighbors.

Here is the CBS News video about Zohaib Begg

To learn even more about this CBS story, visit the CBS News website, which has both the video and a full-text story about it.


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