With a caregiver’s time crunch, smartphones become our friends

Heather Jose photo.

Heather Jose

Short and sweet.

Caregivers know that phrase!
How many times have you used it?
In his book A Guide for Caregivers, Benjamin Pratt says he heard one thing loud and clear from caregivers nationwide: Keep what you’re writing short! We don’t have much time—and we want to get to the good stuff.

So, this week?


Caregivers on a smart phoneThis week’s column comes to you via my smartphone. We just cancelled our internet service at home without having a plan in place for the next service. So we are winging it this week—and my thumbs are getting a workout.

This is a great week to talk about the usefulness of smartphones in caregiving. I use my phone to store medical info for myself and kids, to make appointments and remind myself of them, to send a text after check ups to those who want to know how it went.  I look up medications, find directions, and of course pass the time when waiting for my doc.

All from my phone.

Phones give us more access than ever to communicate while at appointments with other members of our caring team. I have sent a quick text to my brother, who is a physician, and his immediate response has changed the way my appointment went.

How do you use your phone? What Apps are most useful? What ways has your phone become a vital tool?

I’ll share one more personal tip: Use your smartphone to record the appointment. Then, you can review it later—very, very useful to recall all the details later and to share with key members of your caring team who can’t attend.

What’s your phone tip? Please, leave a comment below. (And share this with friends by clicking the blue-“f” Facebook icon; help us to spread these great ideas for caregivers.)

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  1. Paul Hile says


    Grace and I are in the hospital as I write this for another round of treatments, and we’re using our phones in a group text chat to talk with family about the treatment, future vacation plans, etc. Also, the opportunity to play games and browse social media applications while waiting is all too helpful!