A Green Cat!

My wonderful neighbor S. gave me a Hanukkah gift I have come to count on with glee  –– Dana Heacock’s Abacus Calendar. The Calendar consists of twelve 11″x14″ posters that brighten my desk area and delight me each and every month. I wrote about Dana’s beautiful work once before in fact, having learned the lesson that you can’t make up for lost morning glories.

As Hanukkah was “early” this year, I’ve had to wait nearly a month to put up the first of Heacock’s whimsy. January kicks off with a green, yes green, cat. Her pink ears face the viewer as if listening for every New Year thought and wish. She crouches on a block of black, dark as Queen Vicky’s mourning dress.

Whatever possessed Ms. Heacock to paint her cat green? Why not blue? Or purple? Whatever her reason, the green works. “Welcome the out-of-the-ordinary,” this verdant feline says to me. “Stay alert for unusual,” it purrs. “And why not green?” it insists. Green is the color of spring, of promise, of money. Green is the color of the heart chakra, the source of love and compassion, hurt and understanding.

2009 was a killer of a year. Its rings of consequence will be felt for decades to come. But maybe, if I can take the metaphor once step further, this green cat of promise atop the black says, “The new year has succeeded the old . Look ahead! Look ahead!” And so I do.

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5 thoughts on “A Green Cat!

  1. Michele Dunham

    Happy New Year, Debra! Would you believe that you are on my list of resolutions? I have been “saving” your posts as a treat for myself but haven’t been giving myself that treat. Thank you for the post today and helping me to start the new year as I want. I love the visual of the green cat and the message to stay alert for the unusual. Green is my favorite color. Thank you for your inspiration to blog.

  2. Debra

    Michele! Your resolution! I am very touched. You are most welcome. Given your gifts in the garden, I understand why green is your favorite color. Thank you for your sweet note. May the green cat inspire you all year long.

  3. Judi Arthur

    I wish I had seen this before I already purchased the two calendars I need for the new year! I did put the website in favorites for future reference. I love the green cat. While on the website, I clicked on prints of dogs and cats and there was a blue cat! and a yellow one, and a red one! Your green cat’s name is Kermit. Suits her/him?, I think. 🙂 It is nice to face a fresh new year, filled with empty spaces to be filled up with better times than the year that is now fading into the past. I, too, “Look ahead! Look ahead!” with hope. 🙂

  4. Cindy La Ferle

    Love the idea of a green cat — though I am not sure my own cats would agree to it! WIshing you a happy new year, my friend. It was a difficult holiday this year for my family — but one of the joys of the season was seeing you and Martin (and meeting Martin — we really enjoyed him!) last week. 🙂

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