On Air: Mom’s 10 Commandments of Health!

Lights! Camera! Action! And there I was on air talking with Fox 2’s Kam Carman about Mom’s 10 Commandments of Health.  A never-before-had experience but enjoyable just the same. In advance of Mother’s Day, Kam invited me on to talk about the inception of my Mom’s 10 Commandments poster (lovingly and privately called the mobile-mom-app reminder to my adult kids to eat well, get adequate rest, exercise, and treasure the blessing of their good health.)  Was I nervous? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. Did I appreciate the opportunity to talk about issues we all want to instill in our kids whether they are 8, 18,  or 28? Yes!

Mothering kids of any age has its blessings and challenges. Infants may keep you up all night but you know where they are 24/7. Toddlers learn to say no, but they also hit you with jewels such as “Look, Mom, don’t the snowflakes make you think of God?” (my son’s stunning observation). When our kids are young we have great influence over their health and nutrition, playing a big role in establishing lifelong good health habits. And if we’re a bit challenged in this arena, having kids is great incentive to begin modeling such habits. Mother’s Day, and forward, is as good a time as any to start, or start again. It’s a lifelong process — never too early and never too late to make good health choices, to eat nutritious food, to exercise, get the rest we all know we are short on.

A four-minute TV segment flies by, but I hope even our few sound bytes will encourage those who were watching to consider the silent, perpetual miracles of the human body (Commandment III) and add even one good-health ritual to the family.  Or to start a family tradition of weekly walks or other physical exercise (Commandment VIII).

A big shout out to Lynne Golodner of Your: People for connecting me with Kam. And to Kam Carman for hosting me on Kam’s Corner.  Mom’s 10 Commandments of Health poster is now available for purchase on my new Etsy shop. Gift yourself; gift your mom; gift anyone whose good health is important to you.  Catch the segment here.  Enjoy!




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