Announcing: Unbucket!

Yep, that’s our boy in front of that screen! He was addressing a crowd of 300 members of the Los Angeles technology community at an event where Unbucket and two other start ups were invited to present. What’s Unbucket?  Read on.

After a long year of planning, coding, designing, testing, strategizing, and now launching, Elliot and his co-founder Brian Berman (also from Detroit) are in the beta testing phase of

Those of you who know Elliot, know what a people person he is.  For him, staying close to those he loves is among his highest priorities. represents the pinnacle of what Elliot wants for people – to pledge to connect in real time and do fun things together.

With Unbucket, Elliot and Brian have turned that whole limned-by-death bucket list on its wooden head, creating a 21st century way for folks to finally get around to all the things they say they’re going to do, with life as the catalyst. Their tag line: “List. Life. Together.”

Here’s how it works.  Up to five people create an Unbucket list; call it The Family Takes on Brooklyn. Anyone on the list can start adding things they want to do together.  “Take a walk on The Promenade in Brooklyn Heights” or “Check out the pizza at Roberta’s.”*  Your Unbucket list keeps options in one place, so you’re not scrolling through dozens of emails while you’re planning your adventure. Upload photos, videos, music, and/or links to the places you visited,and you have a living album of where you were and what you did.

So check it out.  Go to and use the invite code “dogwoods” to gain access. That’s our boy and that’s the essence of Unbucket.

*Why Roberta’s?  Another Detroiter, Max Sussman, works as a chef there. He and younger bro’ Eli are about to launch their second cookbook, this one with Williams-Sonoma. So all you Brooklynites, when you sign up with Unbucket, put Roberta’s on your list, too!

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9 thoughts on “Announcing: Unbucket!

  1. Verne

    So exciting!! I know he’s worked so hard on this. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for all of his dreams to come true.

  2. donna

    wow…congratulations…what a great idea your son has with this. i wish him much luck. We all have those bucket lists. this is such a great reminder…we cant sail a ship that is tied to the dock so we need to start untying the knots and set sail and make those lists and have a wonderful journey. great idea….!!!!

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