Pittsburgh’s Sweetest Gals

This week brings the second blog-a-day challenge, category: maps. Come along for some cameos of our recent trip to New York and Pennsylvania.

Starting with Pittsburgh, our last stop in a twelve-day trek from Westchester to Brooklyn to Philly before touching down in this former steel town now home to my brother Daniel and sister-in-law Tammy and their beautiful new daughter.

There is nothing, but nothing, like holding a new baby and Daniel and Tammy were so low-key and generous with letting me hold her. Stella had that new baby angel smell and did the little lip pursing in her dreams. Her toes were so tiny and her nails even tinier.

And oh boy howdy have things changed! Not only is the equipment multi-use and multi-year, but there are now diapers that tell you when they’re wet, programs to track input (breast milk or formula) and output (two guesses), apps for remote watching and a nifty little sleeping pad that vibrates. Kinda like those old motel mattresses but sweeter. It was a delight to see my little bro holding his daughter. Seems like yesterday that I was holding him. Although truth be told, Stella is way calmer than Daniel was.

And sweet little Stella is not the only bun-in-the-oven event in Pittsburgh. Sweet Tammy’s bakery, Daniel and Tammy’s business has just moved into huge new quarters. Pittsburgh has its act together. Healthcare, education, technology, robotics businesses lead the way; Pittsburgh is blessed with leaders who have cogent plans to help start-ups rehab and put down roots. Sweet Tammy’s is one such venture in a former industrial area that is now home to a dance studio, a doggie daycare center, and a few others. New businesses that open in areas the city is working to stabilize, can apply for grants to help them on their way. Would that Detroit could come half as far.

Before kissing Stella good-bye, we bought a half dozen oatmeal cookies, two challahs and a cinnamon bread. Only one challah and the cinnamon bread made it past the Ohio border! But you don’t have to go to Pittsburgh to enjoy the goodies. Go online and check them out.

As for Stella, however, she’s just for me!

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2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh’s Sweetest Gals

  1. Frume Sarah

    SO delicious. The sweet baby, I mean. May she continue to bring much joy to her family!!!

  2. Cindy La Ferle

    I agree … nothing sweeter than holding a baby! Sounds like a wonderful visit.

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