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Sealed Again

Between the Jewish holidays and an enormous amount of travel, time’s been scarce to non-existent to blog. A blogiday for us both?

And while I have a myriad of idea threads I am itching to weave into posts — why we cannot laminate life, the wonders of Sedona, experiencing a blast of wind whose source is somewhere in the earth’s core –what I want to note for now is my latest essay in Good Housekeeping magazine.

Just published in the November issue (page 117) and available on newsstands now, I wrote about my neighbor Shelby and what it means to have such a “first-responder” friend a mere 150 feet up the sidewalk. At a time when our relationships are more virtual than flesh, it’s a blessing to have a neighbor with whom I can share the good days and bad, borrow eggs, and return the favor with onions and a cup of tea.

So check it out. Tell the good folks at GH that you love their choice in contributors. And if you don’t yet have a “first-responder” relationship with someone on your block, or in your apartment building, maybe now’s the time to make one.