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Free Connie

Short post this week. Starting a new job tomorrow, have a jewelry show at week’s end with my friend Annick and come 3pm I’ll be out in this beautiful sunshine and 40+ degree weather spraying my azaleas with Wilt-Pruf to help them maintain their moisture.

What I’d like you to do instead of hanging out here with me is to visit a site my son Elliot and his friend Adam Reich created.

Adam, a second-year law student working under the supervision of USC’s Post Conviction Justice Project, argued before the California Parole Board on behalf of Connie Keel, a woman who has served close to thirty years of a twenty-five to life sentence. Her crime — being a passenger in the car while her abusive husband robbed a liquor store and killed the clerk.

Abused since childhood, Connie has paid dearly for crimes committed against her early in life, crimes committed by others for which she has paid her entire adult life.

Convinced in good measure by Adam’s argument, as well as the growth and education Keel pursued while serving her sentence, the California Parole Board determined that Connie Keel is suitable for parole. On February 26, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will decide Connie’s fate by either supporting or denying the Parole Board’s recommendation that Connie Keel be freed.

Elliot and Adam are determined that Governor Schwarzenegger sign Connie’s release. Thus their site freeconnie.com.

Please take a few minutes to visit the site and read a bit about Connie and her life. I hope that after learning a bit of her history, you will be willing to send an email of support on her behalf.
Thank you.