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Is Fritter the New Twitter?

Leaving this morning for daughter Emma’s senior art show. Who’s excited? Who’s proud? Will share it all with you next week.

Just read Lev Grossman’s piece about Facebook. Perfect. According to him I’m cool because I’m not on it. Was discussing Twitter concept at work. None of us really gets it unless it’s used for social action a la freeconnie.com. Other than that, what’s the purpose of some of the social media springing from the minds of kids we once diapered?

With all this social media comes social atomization. That’s a term yours truly invented about a nanosecond ago. (And if someone else is using it and/or invented it, mea culpa; chalk it up to the seven monkeys theory.) Social atomization describes the proclivity for like-minded folks to gather in their own little groups. (Kind of like fourth-grade girls on the playground but without the ostracization.) Social media refines these groups down to a single interest.

So here you have Darvick’s five new social media groups on the horizon. Top ten lists are just so 20th century:

Jitter — Jewish Twitter. But it allows 280 characters. Who can say anything in 140?

Bitter — inhabited by folks bearing grudges.

Fritter — these folks spend their entire lives online

litter — for moms who give birth to octuplets when they have six at home. So far, a social media group of one. Who else has time, what with all those diapers?

knitter — for folks with lots of yarns to share.

Until next time.