You Say Blog; I Say……?

Some writer buddies and I were discussing the word “blog.” A derivative of “web log,” it’s such an inelegant word. Short. Heavy. Blog rhymes with other short, heavy, inelegant words: bog, flog, hog, clog. (OK, I’ll give you dog and Prague but then you’ll have to give me slog and grog.) Blog is a frog of a word that cannot be kissed into princehood.

Writers live for the elegance of words, for the images and emotions they conjure. We are in love with the way words dance; the way they sound in isolation and in concert with one another.

Blog works for those short bullets of thought and opinion, the true web logs. But what of those posts that reach for a more sublime connection with readers? The longer, more lyrical ones? The ones that sear consciousness? Blog just doesn’t cut it.

So I’m putting the call out there to all my readers and writer buddies and their readers and writer buddies. Come up with an alternative to blog. Coin, or purloin, a word that reflects this other kind of blogging — the composition of elegant prose that has the power to move hearts. And mountains.

A free copy of my novel (when it’s published!) to the winner.

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5 thoughts on “You Say Blog; I Say……?

  1. Only the Half of It

    I so saw this coming from you. Great topic. I’ve been actually thinking of a new title since this first came up.
    I’ll need to think on this one…. it’s hard! Texturals? Prosaics? iProse?

  2. Debra

    It is hard. I like iProse. And prosaics. Now here’s another wrinkle. The word has to function as a noun and a verb, as in I posted a blog; I blog weekly……
    Keep thinking.

  3. cindy

    Even though it’s a little long, I still like the elegance of “online journal” a term some bloggers use for their more polished posts. And I also use “post” or “entry” instead of the b word whenever I can;-)

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