302: A Double-Barreled Double-07 Quiz (perfect to start a Bible-study buzz)

ODAY, we’re contributing to the rich array of materials available for small groups preparing to study “Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins & 007’s Moral Compass: A Bible Study with James Bond.”
    Inside the book, which you can read more about on the Bible Study landing page, there is a section devoted to short quizzes by Benjamin Pratt to break the ice in discussion groups week by week. Here are two more quizzes—and, this week, we’re giving you EASIER and a MORE CHALLENGING options.
    That’s right — we’ve got double-barreled, 007 quizzes!


1.) Which of the following is NOT the title of an Ian Fleming story:
    A. You Only Live Twice
    B. Quantum of Solace
    C. Never Say Never Again

2.) Which is the first novel Ian Fleming published?
    A. Casino Royale
    B. Dr. No
    C. Goldfinger

3.) What musician did Ian Fleming describe as looking most like his image of Bond?
    A. Dean Martin
    B. Frank Sinatra
    C. Hoagy Carmichael

4.) In the Fleming novel, what did the fire-breathing dragon turn out to be in “Dr. No”?
    A. An elaborate array of Chinese fireworks
    B. A camouflaged tractor with a flamethrower
    C. A holographic projection of a dragon

5.) James Bond did spend some time in the U.S. during his globe-hopping adventures. Which city did he visit for one big adventure?
    A. Los Angeles
    B. Houston
    C. Las Vegas

6.) Which Bond movie set the opening-weekend box office record among the two-dozen Bond films?
    A. “Quantum of Solace”
    B. “Living Daylights”
    C. “Die Another Day”

7.) In the Bible, the book commonly referred to as “James” comes between which two books?
    A. Titus and Philemon
    B. Hebrews and 1 Peter
    C. Joel and Amos

8.) Which is NOT a verse in James?
    A. The tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great exploits.
    B. God helps those who help themselves.
    C. Blessed is anyone who endures temptation.

9.) Which of the following is NOT a foe of Bond?
    A. Sir Hugo Drax
    B. Colonel Klebb
    C. Lex Luthor

10.) Bond’s dry martini now is world famous, prepared shaken. What name did Fleming have Bond give to this drink?
    A. The Bullet
    B. The Holy Grail
    C. The Vesper


1.) Ian Fleming’s short story “Quantum of Solace” tells this story:
    A. Bond must stop an evil genius who tries to control much of the world’s water supply.
    B. A conversation unfolds in which Bond sits in a chair and listens to the story of a troubled marriage.
    C. Bond travels into the future beyond the effects of a devastating nuclear war.

2.) Which Bond tale most closely replicates the ancient tale of St. George and the Dragon?

3.) In “Casino Royale,” James Bond points out that there’s one person who has no one to record his stories and parables. Who?

4.) In which Bond tale is the term “theatrical” used to explore the sin of hypocrisy?

5.) In “Moonraker,” Bond encounters a prescient sign along the road as he is driving to confront the card-cheating Sir Hugo Drax. The sign is broken, but what did it say originally?

6.) In “From Russia with Love,” we do not even meet Bond until Chapter 11. For much of the novel, he is without a mission and is struggling with a sin that Fleming made a point of describing by name in many of his books. Which sin?

7.) Bond says, “Oh Lord, give me chastity. But don’t give it yet!” Which world-famous saint is he quoting?

8.) James Bond is called St. George in nearly all of Fleming’s stories. In “Goldfinger,” the CIA agent Felix Leiter (who continues to show up in the Bond movies) refers to him by a different saint’s name. Who?

9.) Among Ernst Blofeld’s dramatic moves is a transformation into a new body. Fleming’s writing reveals that he was fascinated by classic theological imagery. The Blofeld transformation is characteristic of which religious figure?

10.) Which of Fleming’s fictional characters has the license plate GEN II? And what does that license plate mean?

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1.) C. It was good enough for Sean Connery’s return to the screen, but it’s not a Fleming title.

2.) A. Casino Royale

3.) C. Hoagy, the composer, popular piano player and occasionally an actor in the movies himself.

4.) B. A camouflaged tractor with a flamethrower

5.) C. Las Vegas

6.) A. “Quantum of Solace” took in more than $70 million in its opening weekend, dwarfing the $41 million that Daniel Craig drew in the new “Casino Royale,” and overshadowing the previous Bond record holder, “Die Another Day,” which took in a mere $47 million on its opening weekend.

7.) B. It’s in the New Testament, nestled between Hebrews and 1 Peter.

8.) B. That line is frequently repeated in our culture, but it never appears in the Bible.

9.) C. Superman tackles ol’ Lex.

10.) C. Named after the girl, of course.


1.) B. Oddly enough, the entire short story takes place during a conversation with Bond. The movie plot is quite different.

2.) “Dr. No”

3.) The Devil

4.) “Diamonds Are Forever”

5.) SHELL IS HERE. The “S” was broken away, so the warning Bond spotted was dire.

6.) Accidie, a term that Fleming frequently used in the Bond novels. Read more about this sin and Fleming’s reflections on it in Dr. Pratt’s book. The temptation is similar to the classic sin of Sloth, but is an even larger spiritual problem in Fleming’s view.

7.) St. Augustine

8.) Felix calls him “St. James”

9.) The Devil

10.) Chitty Chitty. Genii.

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