378: Short Spiritual Connections. Powerful words that lift our spirits.

first feeders at dawn
paired like red quotation marks
last feeders at dusk

Short Spiritual Connections.
    I’m thinking along these lines this week, after developing a short-and-sweet spiritual Twitter experiment, publishing a new kind of book, “Balanced Leadership,” that’s designed as a series of highly focused strategy sessions with readers.
    Plus, I’m hearing from one of our popular friends of ReadTheSpirit that she’s working on a story for us about her habit of exchanging daily spiritual haiku with a distant friend.

keep tuned to writers
like this woman jotting notes
to a distant friend

Our good friend Rodney Curtis, “The Spiritual Wanderer,” keeps telling me that life itself is the poetry and the rhymes within this epic poem are coincidences. In fact, Rodney collects coincidences like other people collect wine corks or key rings in their travels.
    Then, this morning, I opened a box and out popped Michael J. Rosen’s gorgeous, “The Cuckoo’s Haiku and Other Birding Poems.”
    My wife, Amy, and I have been enjoying colorful birds at a pair of new feeders hanging just outside our dining room window. I love the spiritual sparks that birds represent. One of my favorite books over the past year was Sam Keen’s “Sightings: Extraordinary Encounters with Ordinary Birds.” It’s Keen’s best book in his long career, I would argue.
    And then, this morning, in this box is a beautiful book of poetry masquerading as a new Candlewick children’s book. (You can read it to kids, but buy it for yourself as well.) The opening haiku today is from Rosen’s collection. It’s a poem about cardinals — and having watched cardinals at a close range in recent weeks, Rosen pretty much seals the experience in a bubble and sends it our way in this new book.

    I’m also moved by the last-in-line writers among this year’s “Our Lent” Partners — MJ and Jerry Park. Mary writes such short reflections, compared with all the rest of us. But, often they are the lines that linger in my memory afterward.

thank you Candlewick
for sending us pure Spirit
disguised as a book

(NOTE: This little gift from Michael Rosen will be released to us all by Candlewick on March 10. Amazon is allowing pre-orders now, so click to get a copy and you’ll have it in your hands early next week. If you missed Sam Keen’s book, when we recommended it earlier — pick up that one, too.)

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