475: Readers tell us about … Wandering in Layoff Land, News from Iona, and Christmas in the heart of summer

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AMAZING! As it turns out … 
The Spiritual Wanderer is doing better
in the scary realm of Layoff Land!

Back in the old days of journalism —you know, back when courageous journalists were the heroes of mystery novels and movies like “All the President’s Men”—everybody in the newsroom dreamed of Pulitzers.
    Today? It may be more valuable to make the “top spot” on “Newspaper Death Watch” as our own Spiritual Wanderer Rodney Curtis did this week! Suddenly, readers began flocking to a Web site where Rodney promotes his book, “Spiritual Wanderer.” Readers began sending us notes, urging us to welcome this new audience—and urging Rodney to release his inner muse.
    Immediately, Rodney jumped into his bathtub—yeah, he actually writes there sometimes—fired up his laptop and began blazing a new path through the spiritual forest.
    Check it out! Follow his ramblings. Millions of us are going through enormously challenging changes in employment. Here’s a friend who’ll wander with you!

Iona Community is sung by millions,
but its powerful voices aren’t as well known here …
and we’re changing that, now.

If you’re a regular in Christian worship, the odds are that you’ve sung an Iona hymn or prayed an Iona prayer—probably without knowing its source in the Celtic-Christian Iona Community, based in Scotland. This week, we published two newsy stories from Iona: The first shared Iona’s sometimes startling perspective on praying for cities. The second was an in-depth interview with hymn-writer John Bell, whose new book is jam packed with great ideas for congregations.
    Here’s the kind of response we got from readers this week: Judy Trautman, the News Editor of the North American Interfaith Network, Emailed to say, “Ah, you bring back fond memories of my three visits to the lovely Isle of Iona.  I had the great privilege of meeting the Rev George MacLeod, founder of the Community. My third visit was on the occasion of the dedication of the MacLeod Center (1988), to which our local Presbyterian Church in Perrysburg contributed a small sum.  Rev. MacLeod was 92, I believe, at that time, but could still pray so very powerfully! It seems a very long time since those visits, but they were surely a very important part of my spiritual journey.”
    And clearly the Iona Community continues to shape the spiritual journeys of many men and women around the world.

Hey, it’s so cheery to see crusty ol’ Ed Asner smile! 
Catch him in a unique “Christmas in July”
on the Hallmark Movie Channel

Check your cable TV lineup and see if you get the Hallmark Movie Channel HD. This is a feel-good channel usually filled with quality made-for-TV movies (and some rebroadcasts of theatrical releases, too). And, all this month, it’s Christmas in July!
    Personally I’m a sucker for Christmas movies and I did hear from a couple of readers suggesting we should remind our readers, again, about this series.
    “I read about this in the Planner (our free weekly Email newsletter) and we do get that station and all. I’ve got to tell you, my husband and I watched two movies,” said Sandra Kinny from New York. “It’s sappy and sweet and the girl always gets her guy, or the poor folk always survive, you know, but thanks for telling us about it. We didn’t even know it was on our cable.”
    Well, coming up tonight, Ed Asner returns to TV for “The Christmas Card. I previewed the film with my wife Amy this week and I can tell you—this is classic Hallmark stuff: Great production values, a star turn by a beloved actor and a heartwarming story that—sure enough—warms your heart in the end. The storyline involves family members in one small American town, headed by patriarch Asner, who take the time to reach out to our American troops overseas. One year, a Christmas card to a random soldier results in the young man actually showing up on their doorstep.
    As an old news reporter and editor myself, I’m also a sucker for Asner, who ran a TV newsroom in “Mary Tyler Moore” and then an a newspaper metro desk in “Lou Grant.” It’s great to see him once again.
    Check your local TV listings for channel numbers and showtimes. “Christmas Card” will air several times this week.


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