476: Why Prayer is More Powerful—and More Challenging Than You Think

We’re encouraging our readers to devote three weeks, starting August 23, to “Lift Your City in Prayer”—and we’re showing the world the way with a model near our Home Office in Michigan. Wherever you live, please think about praying for your core community.


    Prayer is powerful! Come back Wednesday and Thursday for a special Conversation With the Rev. Kenneth Flowers, a co-chair in our urban prayer effort this year. He’ll tell you a stirring story from Los Angeles that may inspire you to think about prayer in fresh ways.
    AND, Prayer is helpful. Tuesday, we’ll give you some great advice about helpful prayer from the late Catholic writer Henri Nouwen, a beloved author and spiritual guide, and from Frank Griswold, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. That’s tomorrow—Tuesday! Don’t miss it.


     Prayer also is more challenging than you think! Today, Daniel Buttry begins a provocative series on the values that should form the bedrock of prayer. Click here to read Part 1 of Dan’s series—and share your comments, too. Dan pulls no punches. Claims about prayer are cheap, he argues. The real question is what’s behind those prayers in our own lives.
    In the Detroit area, where Dan lives, he points out that feuding politicians thrown around God’s name “like a fistful of mud!” Check out what Dan’s writing all week—it may boost your prayer life.

Finally …

    Prayer is needed now more than ever. We know that, in addition to the millions suddenly out of work—there are millions more who will wind up in similar tough situations before the economy turns around.
    In fact, our own Spiritual Wanderer found himself laid off. He’s a husband, a father, a homeowner—a dog owner—and he’s wondering what’s next in his Job-like journey. In fact … Well, let’s let the Wanderer speak for himself. Check out his thoughts on Wandering in Layoff Land.


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